April 28, 2009

Concrete Countertops, Etc. Now Lighter, Stronger, Faster with GFRC Training

April 28, 2009 (Sarasota, Florida) – Jake Brady, owner of the Sarasota based company Concrete Countertops, Etc., recently completed a two day course at the Concrete Countertop Institute in Raleigh, North Carolina. The session offered complete training in design and installation of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), allowing Concrete Countertops, Etc. the ability to create light, strong, concrete applications in unlimited shapes, and in record time.

The Concrete Countertop Institute GFRC course offers training in Portland cement substitution and ultra-fast UV sealants, resulting in 28-day strength in just one day, and a 62% reduction in carbon footprint. These technologies allow concrete artisans such as Jake Brady to increase production and create a lighter weight, more durable product. “The training I received at the Concrete Countertop Institute will allow me to produce custom fabricated concrete products for customers in as little as six days, as opposed to the fourteen days previously needed,” says Brady. “The ability to create a greater volume of concrete products in a shorter period of time eliminates the immediate need for expanded shop space as business continues to grow."

In addition to the GFRC training, Jake received advanced education in mix designs, glass fiber and acrylic polymer, and efficient equipment for application of both spray and premix concrete. The course also included new finishing techniques and use of increased recycled content.

ABOUT CONCRETE COUNTERTOPS, ETC.: Established in 2008, Concrete Countertops, Etc. is an innovative concrete design and installation studio in Sarasota, Florida. In step with the very latest in concrete and LEED certification requirements, owner Jake Brady takes pride in his commitment to ecological responsibility and creative and elegant surface technology. Concrete Countertops, Etc. offers a unique technique, sustainable mix design, and philosophy that can satisfy the unique vision of his discerning clientele. The surfaces created by Concrete Countertops, Etc. are beautiful and long lasting, and play a vital role in reducing the burden on our nation’s landfills.