December 30, 2008

Tebrugge to be Honored at World Peace Day Event

Longtime Public Defender Adam Tebrugge will be honored for his 23 years of service to the poor in Sarasota, Manatee and DeSoto counties when the Southwest Florida Coalition for Peace & Justice celebrates World Day of Peace Thursday, January 1st.

The celebration will be held at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Sarasota, 3975 Fruitville Road in Sarasota. The celebration is free and open to the public. It starts at 11 a.m.

Adam Tebrugge was born in Tampa, Florida in 1961. He came to Sarasota where he attended New College, majored in Religion and Political Science, and spent a semester in the press office of Governor Bob Graham. After graduating with high honors from the Florida State University College of Law, Adam returned to Sarasota in 1984 to join the Public Defender's office. He spent the next 23 years there until resigning to run for election in 2008. During his time at the office, Adam became well known for his preparation and passion in the courtroom as he defended a succession of high profile cases. In 2008 he received the Jim Slater award for professionalism in the practice of criminal law.

A life long opponent of capital punishment, Adam defended more than a dozen death penalty cases in the Sarasota-Bradenton area. In the 1990's, he joined the Death Penalty Steering Committee of the Florida Public Defender's Association. The main focus of this group was to ensure that attorneys were properly trained to defend capital cases throughout the State of Florida. For more than a decade, Adam gave the primary lecture on death penalty law and procedure to hundreds of attorneys attending the annual "Life Over Death" seminar.

In 2002, Adam began publicly speaking out against the death penalty. He was invited to attend a variety of churches, schools, professional and civic groups to discuss the cost and unfair application of capital punishment. In 2008, Adam campaigned for Public Defender by stressing the historic mission of the office and its role in protecting the constitutional rights of all citizens. Additionally, Adam serves on the board of directors of the Suncoast Partnership to End Homelessness and is active with a variety of other organizations. He has now opened his own law practice, and remains available to speak on issues of criminal justice reform and abolition of the death penalty.

December 18, 2008

Thank You from Kangaroo Promotions

Kangaroo Promotions would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the clients that have kicked off our company in high style. As our first calendar year comes to a close, we reflect on the people and projects that have allowed us to celebrate their work, their creativity, and our community. We look forward to adding your name to this distinguished list in 2009!

Florida Friends of Midwives
event planning / fundrasing ('The Business of Being Born' screening)

Michael A. Gilkey, Inc.
web design coordination, marketing, award application, media relations

Marcy Chapman
event planning (art exhibit), consumer relations, web marketing

Sarah Hinds
public art application grant writing, e-commerce marketing package

Fish Branch Tree Farm
web marketing

The Birth Survey
web marketing (nationwide launch)

Bella Casa of Sarasota
web design coordination

Bevinco of Sarasota
web marketing

Concrete Countertops, Etc.
business development, graphic design coordination, web marketing

Adam Tebrugge
campaign web marketing

Sharp Painting
graphic design coordination, investor relations, website coordination

Biscuit Studios :: Lucky Design Studio
Strawberry Moon Photography

November 23, 2008

Michael A. Gilkey, Inc. in Sunday Herald

Excerpt from the article:

"Because Gilkey was able to save the eight large oaks on the property, the garden rooms look established and as though they have evolved over time.

This past fall, Gilkey won a state award for the Casey Key landscaping project in the category of Residential New Construction. Judges for the Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association
(FNGLA) praised Gilkey for successfully designing hardscape and landscape in unison to embrace the architecture, the site and the client's tropical desires.

The homeowners couldn't have said it better themselves. 'What I like best about this property is coming home to it,' said the husband."

Kangaroo was happy to provide media relations for the article.

November 19, 2008

Bella Casa of Sarasota Launches New Website

Kangaroo Promotions is proud to announce the launch of the new website for Bella Casa of Sarasota, the Gulf Coast's premier custom waterfront home builder. Please take a moment and visit, and tour some of the incredible homes that Bella Casa of Sarasota has created in our community.

Kangaroo Promotions was proud to coordinate website design by Biscuit Studios and write a bit of copy for the site. We look forward to showing you more of these exquisitely crafted homes.

Michael A. Gilkey, Inc.: Celebrating E-Fest

Last weekend marked the fourth annual E-fest, a Sarasota celebration of conscious living. Josh Wynne Construction invited Michael A. Gilkey, Inc. to join in their display at the festival as part of his team. Kangaroo teamed up with Gilkey designer Jason Riley to coordinate a promotional display that helped Wynne receive accolades for having one of the nicest booths at the festival.

Reflecting upon the principles of sustainability, the team designed table tents including individual packets of Coreopsis leavenworthii, or Tickseed, the Florida State Wildflower. One side demonstrated how to grow the flowers (with a conceptual emphasis on their continuing cycle), and the other answered the question: Why hire a landscape architect for your sustainable design? Landscape architect Michael A. Gilkey, Jr. added native materials he used at the recently completed Codding Cottage to the display, including the innovative Coconut Mulch, native plants such as Duranta erecta and Muhlenbergia capillaris, and clay brick.

The principles of concsious design were realized beautfully at the Codding Cottage, the first Platinum Level One LEED Certified Home in our community. Gilkey used harvested rainwater in the irrigation system, native plants and recycled materials, and appropriate design to ensure sustainability. Riley incorporated this philosophy beautifully in the e-fest display. Please join Josh Wynne Construction and Michael A. Gilkey, Inc. at the Junior League Holiday Tour of Homes, December 5th and 6th, for an exclusive look at the most energy efficient home in Florida, located right here in the historic Laurel Park district.

November 11, 2008

Adam Tebrugge: A Job Well Done

Kangaroo Promotions would like to congratulate Adam Tebrugge on conducting a campaign worthy of imitation and deserving of his community's respect. As he ran for Public Defender of the 12th Judicial Circuit and lost by less than a percentage point, Adam maintained paramount criteria for integrity, honesty and general good karma. Adam refused to malign his opponent, campaigning instead on the passion that had driven him to fight for the rights of every citizen in our community, regardless of income, for twenty-three years.

It was a sincere pleasure to be involved, even in small part, with Mr. Tebrugge's campaign. We wish his opponent and victor Larry Eger all the best as he succeeds Elliot Metcalfe in defending the rights of our indigent citizens. It is my candid and sincere hope that Mr. Eger has acquired, through over two decades of comaraderie with Mr. Tebrugge, some of that same passion. It will be necessary as he fights for those who need him the most, and sometimes for those who commit the crimes we all cannot bear to think of; for these are American citizens and they deserve their Constitutional rights within our justice system.

Three cheers for Adam Tebrugge, a true champion of equality, a man of principal, and a servant of the people.

October 27, 2008

Sharp Painting: Commitment to Sharp Quality

Sharp Painting has quietly carved a niche in Sarasota as the finest residential home painter in our community. For the past five years, owner Brad Augsburger has concentrated solely on customer service and extreme attention to the quality and detail of his workmanship. With this attention came the exclusive use of Benjamin Moore paint products from his friends at Sarasota Paint. Brad fully endorses the richness and endurance of Benjamin Moore, and believes that an initial investment in products like the Aura paint line results a long-term cost savings to the homeowner.
Brad's goal is to bring professionalism into painting in Sarasota. Through a critical eye, Brad demands perfection on his projects, whether they be newly constructed estate homes or small repainted rooms. Sharp Painting takes careful steps to ensure the longevity of their work, including cleaning and pressure washing, scraping, mold treatment and primer application with the finest products available.

Kangaroo is looking forward to providing Sharp Painting with a complete marketing package.

October 17, 2008

Sarasota Herald Tribune Endorses Adam Tebrugge

Excerpt from the endorsement:

"...Positive relationships with court personnel work in his favor, as do experience with the toughest cases and his dogged determination on behalf of his clients.
'The public defender's office is Adam's passion; it's in his soul,'
one lawyer, who has observed both candidates, told us.
That type of testimony tips the scales in favor of Tebrugge.
We recommend Adam Tebrugge for public defender, 12th judicial circuit."
Political Advertisement paid for and approved by Adam Tebrugge,
Democrat for Public Defender 12th Circuit

October 10, 2008

Michael A. Gilkey, Inc. Goes PLATINUM

Michael A. Gilkey, Inc. is honored to have been selected by Josh Wynne Construction to design and create a Florida Friendly Landscape for The Codding Cottage in historic Laurel Park. This unique home is expected to meet and exceed all requirements for the Platinum level of the LEED Green Build Rating System, making it the most energy-efficient and sustainable residence in Sarasota, and one of the first in the nation to receive this designation. The Codding Cottage will also be certified by The Florida Green Building Coalition and EnergyStar.
In order to take full advantage of the minimal landscape allowance and spatial constraints of the property, Michael is proposing a series of spaces that are functional, intimate and appropriate to the concept of The Codding Cottage. Using 100% Florida native plants and irrigated from harvested rainwater, the landscape of the home will compliment the innovation and sustainability of its building methods and materials. Michael proposes minimal yet functional lawn space, recycled hardscape materials, raised vegetable gardens and shade-providing overhead structures adorned with native grapevines. According to Josh Wynne, The Codding Cottage features a long list of the latest innovations in technology and green construction. All of these products and experts have helped bring this home to a level of efficiency and sustainability not often achieved. Sustainable construction practices, healthy product choices, energy efficient features, and water conscious design make this home as inspiring as it is beautiful.The Codding Cottage will be featured at e-fest November 15th, and on the Junior League Holiday Tour of Homes December 5th & 6th.

Kangaroo looks forward to coordinating award applications and media relations for this project.

October 09, 2008

Florida Licensed Midwives Week: Fall Festival

October 1 - 7 was celebrated statewide as Florida Licensed Midwives Week. Saturday, a Fall Festival was held at Sarasota's Rosemary Court. The festival, sponsored by Florida Friends of Midwives (FFOM) and International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN), raised awareness about midwifery in our community.Guests enjoyed a rummage sale, bake sale, bounce house, face (and belly) painting, pumpkin patch, professional photography, cookie decorating, candy necklaces, live music (thank you Carmela, Tanya, Doug, Marcus and sweet Simeon) and more. All proceeds were split by FFOM and ICAN.Kangaroo provided event planning and web marketing for the event. Special thanks to Upscale Artisans for facepainting, to Fruitville Grove for the pumpkin patch, to Valerie Joy Photography and Jamie Love Photo for portrait donation, to Gana Gilkey for event photography, and to The Snappy Turtle for rummage sale donations.

October 05, 2008

Adam Tebrugge for Public Defender: On the Path

The Eightfold Path of Buddhism encourages us to seek the simple and right approach. The fifth step on this path is Right Livelihood, with a clear message: earn a living that does not hurt other people. Adam Tebrugge taped this message above his computer in the Public Defender's office, where he has served for 23 years.

When I met Adam, he told me the story of Clarence Gideon. In a prison cell here in Florida in 1963, Clarence Gideon wrote a letter to the Supreme Court that changed history. A poor man, Gideon did not have proper legal counsel and was wrongfully convicted of felony theft. As a result of his letter, his case was retried, Gideon was acquitted, and the office of Public Defender was established to provide legal representation in criminal cases for those who cannot afford an attorney.

Adam Tebrugge decided that he wanted to work at the Public Defender's office after finding himself morally opposed to Florida's decision to reinstate the death penalty. After attending New College and interning with Bob Graham's speechwriters, Adam excelled at The Florida State University College of Law and could have taken almost any private position in the State of Florida. He chose public service instead, and for the last 23 years he has dedicated his career to providing high quality, cost effective representation to our poorest citizens. Today, Adam is the only attorney in Sarasota, Manatee and DeSoto Counties qualified to handle death penalty cases, and continues to educate other attorneys on the subject.

Now he needs your help.

This November, you will elect the next Public Defender of the 12th Judicial Circuit (Sarasota, Manatee and DeSoto counties). When you cast your vote in this election, please remember:

  • Adam Tebrugge is the only candidate who is qualified to prepare, litigate and supervise death penalty cases. These are the most complex and expensive cases in the system. Without a qualified attorney, a case might be overturned on appeal at great cost, or worse yet, result in wrongful conviction or execution.
  • Adam Tebrugge is the only candidate who is a board certified criminal trial attorney. This means he has tried enough cases, received recommendations from judges and other attorneys, and passed a difficult examination, qualifying him as a specialist in criminal law.
  • Adam Tebrugge is the only candidate with experience training attorneys throughout the State of Florida. He has taught Public Defender College for lawyers fresh out of law school, and has conducted death penalty training for today’s most experienced attorneys.
  • Adam Tebrugge is the only candidate who received the NAACP Freedom Award for Public Service, and the Jim Slater award for professionalism in the practice of criminal law.
Adam's campaign message is "making justice work" by accomplishing specific goals during his term in office:
  • Improve the quality of legal representation through enhanced training of attorneys;
  • Focus staff on jail issues and seek early resolution of undisputed cases;
  • Work with Judges and the Clerk of the Courts to improve the administration of justice and ensure representation of only the truly indigent;
  • Closely monitor costs to make better use of available funds, and be a voice for common sense on local criminal justice issues.
Adam Tebrugge believes that our Public Defender must provide leadership in the courtrooms and in the community. He has devoted his entire professional life to the Public Defender's Office and has worked hard to establish a solid record of preparation and professionalism, but he needs your vote to get elected.

VOTE ADAM TEBRUGGE FOR PUBLIC DEFENDER!Political Advertisement paid for and approved by Adam Tebrugge, Democrat for Public Defender 12th Circuit

September 30, 2008

Michael A. Gilkey, Inc.: 2008 FNGLA Awards

Congratulations to local landscape architecture studio Michael A. Gilkey, Inc. for receiving three awards at this year's Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association Landscape Awards Program. Michael received two Residential Awards of Excellence, and was given the Roy S. Rood Award, given to the most outstanding of all entries in all categories.

The Roy S. Rood Award and one Award of Excellence were given for Casa del Carnevale on St. Armand's Circle. The client's objective for this historically designated home was to reflect the 'Carnevale' aesthetic throughout the landscape. The result is reminiscent of an early 20th century botanical garden.The second Award of Excellence was given for a private residence on North Casey Key Drive. The client's vision for this unique gulf-to-bay lot was a Florida garden that echoed the tropical style of their former Hawaiian residence.

Kangaroo was honored and proud to assist Michael in award application and media relations. Special thanks to Gana Gilkey for all application photography. A sincere congratulations is also extended to Fish Branch Tree Farm, FNGLA 2008 Grower of the Year.

September 24, 2008

Concrete Countertops, Etc.: Durable Beauty

Concrete Countertops, Etc. owner Jake Brady utilizes the very latest in sustainable concrete surface technology. His concrete surfaces are beautiful and long lasting, and play a vital role in reducing the burden on our nation’s landfills.

Concrete Countertops, Etc. uses a three-part component system and surface-reactant lithium sealer, resulting in a product which is more dense and more stain-resistant than any other concrete surface available. Jake's unique mix design replaces 35% of the Portland cement with a post-industrial waste that actually makes his concrete stronger. Concrete Countertops, Etc. also uses the wastewater from their polishing process, helping protect Florida’s fragile water supply.

A native of Nova Scotia, Jake moved to Sarasota in 1997 and began his remodeling career with his father. He began his own business, Jake of All Trades, specializing in kitchen and bath remodels. In 2007, he attended the Concrete Countertop Institute in Raleigh, North Carolina, completing intensive training in precast countertops and sinks. After a mutually beneficial employment experience with Ben Nettles Concrete Design in 2008, Jake created Concrete Countertops, Etc. with a unique technique, mix design, and philosophy. Jake resides in Sarasota with his partner Angel and his English Bulldog, Maggie, and enjoys fishing in Sarasota Bay and riding his motorcycle.

Concrete Countertops, Etc. is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, the Florida Green Building Coalition, and is an elite support member of the Concrete Countertop Institute.

Please contact us to visit to the new Concrete Countertops, Etc. showroom, at 6130 Clark Center Avenue, Suite 101.

Kangaroo is enthusiastically assisting Jake with design coordination, consumer relations, media relations, and industry and grant research.

September 19, 2008

An Evening of Art : Marcy Chapman

Kangaroo Promotions was proud to introduce Marcy Chapman to the Sarasota gallery scene in grand fashion Friday evening during the Third Friday ArtWalk at Towles Court.
Marcy introduced her fall collection, which included a sunflower series, a fern series, and the first of an angel trumpet series entitled 'Music of the Night,' featured in a recent article in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.
Also present at the exhibit were favorite archival pieces from Marcy's personal collection. Subject matter ranged from an artichoke to a buddha statue given to daughter Elizabeth as a wedding gift. Marcy was hosted by The Laughing Monkey, creator of fine fabric art, baby slings and quilts. Guests at the event enjoyed wine donated by Maggie Originals. Special thanks to Gana Gilkey for event photography.
In attendance were Marcy's family, friends, and several sorority sisters from Alpha Chi Omega. Kangaroo was proud to assist Marcy with the planning and media relations for this event.

September 05, 2008

Lucky Design Studio: Kangaroo Branding

Kangaroo Promotions would like to heartily thank Lucky Design Studio and designer Luis Trujillo for our new branding package! Reflective of the unique and creative clients we serve, the new face of Kangaroo is hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind, and FUN.

With a fresh vision to innovate, Lucky is a full-service graphic arts production company ready to assist Kangaroo in meeting the needs of our clientele, growing each to a higher level of performance. Their expertise is creating a visual representation or “feeling” that influences a given target market.

The artistic vision of Lucky Design Studio reflects the comfort of tradition with a fresh perspective in graphic design. With an international creative team, Lucky is on the cutting edge of impact marketing in some of the fastest growing areas in the Americas. This fresh perspective ensures that they will represent our clients with a vibrant energy that transcends the mundane.

August 27, 2008

Bevinco of Sarasota: Inventory of Nightlife

Bevinco already saves Sarasota and Manatee bars and restaurants huge amounts of money each month. In fall 2008, Bevinco will not only be taking inventory of liquor, but of Sarasota nightlife, featuring establishments that benefit from their service.

Bevinco of Sarasota increases the profits of their establishments by an average 10%-15% (sometimes upwards of 25%) while reducing their costs by 5%. This is done through careful comparison of the liquor, beer and wine portions used in a time period with portions sold.

Bevinco then uses a proprietary, industry leading software program to organize and summarize their findings, so that their clients know exactly when and where to take action to control any losses and increase their profit.
Bevinco guarantees better results for their clients, regardless of what current inventory management system or method of analysis they are using.

Bevinco Bar News will feature a bar, bartender, and drink recipe each month, as well as introductions of new liquor, beer and wine on the market. This innovative tool will also showcase profit increases and loss reductions for featured bars, and incentives for prospective clientele.

“The promised results were immediate. All my costs dropped dramatically and are very consistent on a month to month basis. I would strongly recommend any liquor establishment hiring BEVINCO. When and if I open another restaurant, BEVINCO would be the first on board.” --current client
Kangaroo Promotions is excited to assist Bevinco in generating Bevinco Bar News, industry research and consumer and media relations, website coordination and potential event planning.

August 21, 2008

Bella Casa of Sarasota: Pure Craftsmanship

Bella Casa of Sarasota is the no-compromise quality builder of finely crafted, beautiful custom homes on Florida's Gulf Coast. With years of experience working with the state's finest artisans, builders, contractors and architects, team leader Don Whisman has developed a refined eye for quality and craftsmanship.Each home built by Bella Casa of Sarasota is unique, elegant, and exactly suited to the needs of its owner. Bella Casa of Sarasota invites you to tour their Sarasota collection and see for yourself the difference that true craftsmanship brings to a custom home.
Kangaroo will serve Bella Casa of Sarasota by coordinating web and graphic design services, media relations, marketing and publicity.

August 15, 2008

Marcy Chapman Art Exhibit : 09.19.08

Renowned compositional watercolorist Marcy Chapman invites you to view her fall collection. She will be hosted by The Laughing Monkey, creator of beautifully crafted fabric goods.

The art exhibit will take place in downtown Towles Court during their Third Friday ArtWalk. Please come and enjoy this free event as we celebrate beautiful art with good wine and company.

Marcy Chapman, Watercolorist:

Retrospective Art Exhibit

Friday, Sept. 19th
Towles Court ArtWalk

The Laughing Monkey Studio

244 S. Links Avenue
Sarasota, Florida 34236

Light refreshments will be served.

August 13, 2008

The Birth Survey: Nationwide Launch

Laura Gilkey of Kangaroo Promotions is proud to serve as Florida Coordinating Ambassador for The Birth Survey: The Transparency in Maternity Care Project.
The Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIMS) has developed The Birth Survey: The Transparency in Maternity Care Project for families to share information, learn about the choices and birth experiences of others, and view data on hospital and birth center intervention rates and practices. It is also designed to help providers and facilities improve the quality and transparency of their care.
The members of CIMS are individuals and organizations with concern for the care and well-being of mothers, babies, and families. Their mission is to promote mother-friendly care: a model of maternity care that will improve birth outcomes and substantially reduce costs.
At the heart of The Transparency Project is an on-going online consumer survey that asks women who have birthed babies within the past three years to provide feedback about their birth experience with a particular doctor or midwife and within a specific birth environment. Paired with this experiential data (where available) are official statistics from state departments of health listing obstetrical intervention rates at the facility level. Initial data will be available beginning in Fall 2008.
The Birth Survey was created as a mechanism for sharing and accessing information about maternity care practices in each community.
The Birth Survey will be made available to expectant parents in the contiguous United States on August 15, 2008. At that time, women will be invited to log in to the site and participate in the confidential survey, thus providing the results that will serve, along with the data provided by the State Departments of Health, as a resource for expectant parents in communities nationwide.