May 31, 2009

Artist Marcy Chapman Launches Etsy Store

Renowned local watermedia artist Marcy Chapman is proud to announce the launch of her Etsy store. The site will feature collections of Chapman's smaller pieces, with a focus on seasonal series. Larger works are available in Chapman's studio. Commissions are welcome.

Although most of Chapman's subjects are traditional, she presents them in a contemporary manner. Using her own technique, she archivally bonds her paintings onto canvas, permanently protecting them and eliminating the need for glass. Chapman frequently works in series, using watercolor, acrylic, inks, and other media.

"My paintings enable me to share the joy I find in nature and everyday living," says Chapman. "Painting in watermedia offers a delightfully interesting life in the world of art."

The first collection available in Chapman's Etsy store is a series of fern and moss paintings, celebrating the new growth and promise of spring. Pieces in this collection feature unique approaches such as wrapping imprinted vintage script around canvas, mounting paintings on handmade rice paper, and using vintage woodcuts, texturizing media and chalk to achieve desired effects.

About Marcy Chapman: Marcy started painting almost thirty years ago as a result of a "happy accident." At that time, she put down her pen (a degree in English) and picked up a paint brush, with great intensity. Her work has been internationally published and sold in venues as varied as street fairs, Bed Bath and Beyond, and the art auctions held on the QEII luxury liner. Marcy enjoys teaching, both locally as well as at the John C. Campbell Folk Art School in Brasstown, N.C.