October 06, 2009

Marcy Chapman Featured in Style Magazine

Sarasota water media artist Marcy Chapman was featured in the October issue of Style Magazine, a Herald-Tribune Media Group publication. Writer Su Byron's interview with Marcy follows in its entirety.

Marcy Chapman began painting nearly 30 years ago as the result of a "happy accident," when she enrolled in a watercolor class because a guitar class was canceled. "The second I picked up my paintbrush, I knew I had found my thing," she says. After taking a variety of college art courses and workshops taught by noted artists, the former English teacher blossomed as a visual artist. Chapman went on to create a large body of work in a continually evolving style. She and her husband moved to Sarasota three years ago. "I couldn't be happier," she says. Her work can be seen at www.marcychapman.com.

How do you describe your recent work?
I call it contemporary impressionism or mixed water media presented without the visual interference of glass.

What's the advantage of leaving off the glass?
Clarity. Without the visual barrier of glass, the vivid colors of the painted surface are fully exposed. You can see the transparency and expression of light. You can also avoid those annoying reflections.

What landscapes inspire you the most?
I've always been an avid gardener and observer of nature. The tropical environment in Florida constantly inspires me. Gardens, individual plants and flowers, water scenes and birds all fascinate me and end up in my work.

Other than the natural world, what inspires you?
I'm interested in architectural structures and details: cottages, gates and fountains, especially.

Who are your principal artistic influences?
I love to paint the emotion I feel without being tied to a particular school or influence.

What's your take on Sarasota's visual arts scene?
A strong artistic presence enhances so many facets of this community. It's wonderful, positive and supportive. So many places call themselves an arts community. Sarasota is truly deserving of that name.