September 15, 2011

RISE: Sarasota's First Kitchen Share

For many culinary entrepreneurs, the initial investment of launching a food business is enough to squash their dreams. Sarasota baker and local food enthusiast Christine Nordstrom knows these challenges first hand, and has seen them stand in the way of success for many talented chefs in her own community. This summer, she decided to do something about it. Introducing RISE, Sarasota’s first licensed commercial kitchen share.

RISE makes it possible to start a food based business for a fraction of the cost by providing all inclusive hourly or monthly rent to clients that fits their individual needs. Each client is required to obtain their own licensing, permits and liability insurance to operate a business in the state of Florida. However, RISE offers much more than refrigeration and oven space; experts are available for consultation, guidance though the food business licensing process, culinary education, and referrals every step along the way. RISE allows an idea to become a viable product.

“Every Saturday, it seemed I would meet another person with a dream,” says Nordstrom, whose bakery SIFT is a cornerstone of the Downtown Sarasota Farmer’s Market. “Each conversation would end in the same way—I’d learn they didn’t have the financial investment or space needed to execute their ideas.”

Nordstrom did some market research and learned that commercial shared kitchens are thriving in larger markets throughout the country. “It’s a win-win situation. Local food, local business, and local dreams are all being supported here.”

For more information about RISE or to schedule an initial consultation with owner Christine Nordstrom, please call (941)306-6072 or email

ABOUT RISE: RISE is a licensed commercial kitchen share where you can dream, create, produce and RISE. We will help your food based business grow in any way we can, from consultation to facility rental. Please call Christine Nordstrom at (941) 306-6072 or visit for more information.