October 18, 2011

Sarasota Community Acupuncture Goes Co-op

In September, Sarasota Community Acupuncture joined the People's Organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA). POCA is a cooperative whose mission is to provide accessible and affordable acupuncture.

In Community Acupuncture, patients rest in recliners in a shared space. Small, thin needles are placed in a patient's lower legs, lower arms, and head in order to treat everything in between. A sliding fee scale allows more patients, regardless of income or insurance, to receive enough treatments to experience relief from chronic and acute stress and pain, as well as improvement in symptoms and root causes of illness and injury.

As a multi-stakeholder cooperative, POCA brings together practitioners, students, clinics, patients, and organizations, all working together to make community acupuncture economically sustainable and socially just. Every POCA member has a vote in the organization. Individuals can contribute their skills and leadership in clearly defined self-organizing circles, as part of POCA's dynamic governance structure. Benefits are based on membership categories--patient, acupuncturist, clinic, or organization--benefits such as free treatment cards, access to a national clinic and job network, employer support documents, a POCA cooperative newsletter, and more. All members have access to affordable acupuncture at any POCA clinic.

Community Acupuncture is practiced in Canada, Britain, Australia, Israel, and the United States. Acupuncture is offered on a sliding fee scale of $15 - $35, with a one-time $10 new patient orientation fee. No income verification is required.

To make an appointment, contact Sarasota Community Acupuncture (941) 922-4611 at 3615 Webber Street Sarasota, FL 34232, or www.sarasotacommunityacupuncture.com. To learn more about POCA, please visit www.pocacoop.com, or contact Karen Grosskreutz, POCA Membership Coordinator at 971-400-8739, pocacoop@gmail.com.

Sarasota Community Acupuncture is a famly practice committed to cultivating health with the practitioner and the patient in partnership. The mission of SCA is to provide the community with high quality and affordable acupuncture, and to create a treatment space that connects people and builds community. For more information, please visit www.sarasotacommunityacupuncture.com, or call (941) 922-4611 for an appointment at our clinic, located at 3615 Webber Street in Sarasota, Florida.