February 15, 2012

Sarasotans Publish Book Revealing Daily Life with Parkinson Disease

A groundbreaking book was released on January 29th, illustrating for the first time the day-to-day life of people living with Parkinson Disease. Authored by Sarasota residents and Parkinson patients Christine Ludwig and Dave Anderson, “Notes from Movers and Shakers with Parkinson Disease” is a practical guide to living with the neurodegenerative disease from the perspective of real patients.

“If you have been diagnosed with Parkinson Disease; if someone you love has been; if you're a caregiver to a Parkinson patient; if you are related to a Parkinson patient, then you know what’s not easy to come by – knowing that you’re not alone and gaining insight from those who have preceded or are accompanying you on this lifelong journey,” says Ludwig. “These real-life stories will make you laugh and cry. This remarkable collection captures the grand achievements and every day victories of our resilient peers.”

Notes from Movers and Shakers with Parkinson Disease” is based on information from a questionnaire distributed to and completed by a wide group of people who are living with Parkinson’s. Moving chronologically from the diagnosis through mid- and late-stage PD, the authors share their experiences with emotional as well as practical issues, capturing heartwarming, humorous stories in the process. They share the uncertainties of a progressive disease, from losing the ability to drive to facing life-altering decisions. Most importantly, this book offers the more than one million people diagnosed with Parkinson Disease in the U.S. the comfort that they are not alone.

For more information or to order “Notes from Movers and Shakers with Parkinson Disease,” please visit https://www.createspace.com/3747802.

About the Authors: On her way to becoming Vice President of technology for a major financial institution in the Northeast, Chris Ludwig worked in a variety of capacities, including tax-preparer and “Weather Girl.” She traveled extensively during her corporate career, and was recruited to spend an unforgettable year in Ireland. While travelling, she noticed a tremor in her right hand and was told it probably was an "Essential Tremor.” She chose to believe the diagnosis, until her personal physician insisted that she see a Neurologist for confirmation. She was greatly disappointed when the doctor diagnosed her with Parkinson's as well as Essential Tremor. Chris is an avid exercise practitioner, and believes strongly that "exercise is medicine!" She chose to have Deep Brain Stimulation surgery, but had to discontinue the treatment. She and her doctor are presently deciding "what's next?" Chris now lives and shakes in Florida and Cape Cod with her husband Dale, where she continues to appreciate every day with joy and enthusiasm.

Dave Anderson was born and raised a small town boy, and ultimately worked in a challenging environment in international advertising with a Fortune 500 company. After taking early retirement he noticed a slight tremor in his left hand, which was diagnosed as PD. Working together with a personal trainer, a rigorous training program was put in place, which Dave credits with not only slowing the progress of PD, but actually reducing some of his symptoms. The results, both physical and psychological led Dave to write "How to Tame Parkinson's by Keeping Fit," released in 2005, which chronicles Dave's criteria for selecting a personal trainer and developing exercise routines for the various stages of Parkinson Disease.