August 27, 2008

Bevinco of Sarasota: Inventory of Nightlife

Bevinco already saves Sarasota and Manatee bars and restaurants huge amounts of money each month. In fall 2008, Bevinco will not only be taking inventory of liquor, but of Sarasota nightlife, featuring establishments that benefit from their service.

Bevinco of Sarasota increases the profits of their establishments by an average 10%-15% (sometimes upwards of 25%) while reducing their costs by 5%. This is done through careful comparison of the liquor, beer and wine portions used in a time period with portions sold.

Bevinco then uses a proprietary, industry leading software program to organize and summarize their findings, so that their clients know exactly when and where to take action to control any losses and increase their profit.
Bevinco guarantees better results for their clients, regardless of what current inventory management system or method of analysis they are using.

Bevinco Bar News will feature a bar, bartender, and drink recipe each month, as well as introductions of new liquor, beer and wine on the market. This innovative tool will also showcase profit increases and loss reductions for featured bars, and incentives for prospective clientele.

“The promised results were immediate. All my costs dropped dramatically and are very consistent on a month to month basis. I would strongly recommend any liquor establishment hiring BEVINCO. When and if I open another restaurant, BEVINCO would be the first on board.” --current client
Kangaroo Promotions is excited to assist Bevinco in generating Bevinco Bar News, industry research and consumer and media relations, website coordination and potential event planning.