September 05, 2008

Lucky Design Studio: Kangaroo Branding

Kangaroo Promotions would like to heartily thank Lucky Design Studio and designer Luis Trujillo for our new branding package! Reflective of the unique and creative clients we serve, the new face of Kangaroo is hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind, and FUN.

With a fresh vision to innovate, Lucky is a full-service graphic arts production company ready to assist Kangaroo in meeting the needs of our clientele, growing each to a higher level of performance. Their expertise is creating a visual representation or “feeling” that influences a given target market.

The artistic vision of Lucky Design Studio reflects the comfort of tradition with a fresh perspective in graphic design. With an international creative team, Lucky is on the cutting edge of impact marketing in some of the fastest growing areas in the Americas. This fresh perspective ensures that they will represent our clients with a vibrant energy that transcends the mundane.