October 27, 2008

Sharp Painting: Commitment to Sharp Quality

Sharp Painting has quietly carved a niche in Sarasota as the finest residential home painter in our community. For the past five years, owner Brad Augsburger has concentrated solely on customer service and extreme attention to the quality and detail of his workmanship. With this attention came the exclusive use of Benjamin Moore paint products from his friends at Sarasota Paint. Brad fully endorses the richness and endurance of Benjamin Moore, and believes that an initial investment in products like the Aura paint line results a long-term cost savings to the homeowner.
Brad's goal is to bring professionalism into painting in Sarasota. Through a critical eye, Brad demands perfection on his projects, whether they be newly constructed estate homes or small repainted rooms. Sharp Painting takes careful steps to ensure the longevity of their work, including cleaning and pressure washing, scraping, mold treatment and primer application with the finest products available.

Kangaroo is looking forward to providing Sharp Painting with a complete marketing package.