November 11, 2008

Adam Tebrugge: A Job Well Done

Kangaroo Promotions would like to congratulate Adam Tebrugge on conducting a campaign worthy of imitation and deserving of his community's respect. As he ran for Public Defender of the 12th Judicial Circuit and lost by less than a percentage point, Adam maintained paramount criteria for integrity, honesty and general good karma. Adam refused to malign his opponent, campaigning instead on the passion that had driven him to fight for the rights of every citizen in our community, regardless of income, for twenty-three years.

It was a sincere pleasure to be involved, even in small part, with Mr. Tebrugge's campaign. We wish his opponent and victor Larry Eger all the best as he succeeds Elliot Metcalfe in defending the rights of our indigent citizens. It is my candid and sincere hope that Mr. Eger has acquired, through over two decades of comaraderie with Mr. Tebrugge, some of that same passion. It will be necessary as he fights for those who need him the most, and sometimes for those who commit the crimes we all cannot bear to think of; for these are American citizens and they deserve their Constitutional rights within our justice system.

Three cheers for Adam Tebrugge, a true champion of equality, a man of principal, and a servant of the people.