June 25, 2009

Sarasota Magazine Features Native Angler

Congratulations to Sarasota's Native Angler, the best tarpon fishing charter on the Gulf Coast. In the just-issued July 2009 Sarasota Magazine, Captain Joe and his team are listed first in a feature on the top ten aquatic adventures in our community. Thanks to Su Byron for writing the piece, and cheers, Captain Joe!
"We live right in some of the best tarpon-fishing waters in the world, and landing one of these magnificent creatures is the thrill of a lifetime. Capt. Joseph Peters of Native Angler Charters is a fourth-generation native Floridian who has been fishing these waters for 30 years. His eight-hour fishing trip, 20 miles offshore, is geared for four people. Although the tarpon are released, Peters promises that each guest will return with a great fish story. $550 for four people. (941) 232-2140."

(from 'Just Add Water: The Ten Most Amazing Aquatic Adventures Around,' Sarasota Magazine, July 2009)