June 30, 2009

Somewhere Glassworks Summer Line Available

The popular Gainesville art glass studio Somewhere Glassworks is proud to launch their summer 2009 line of fine art glass pendants, available for wholesale purchase by select galleries and boutiques.

These one-of-a-kind pendants are made with borosilicate glass, the strongest kind of glass commercially available. It is also called Pyrex, popularly known for its use in test tubes and cookware. This strength makes borosilicate glass a perfect choice for jewelry. It is scratch resistant and highly durable.

The pendants are created through Somewhere Glassworks' unique 'inside-out' technique. Colored glass is applied to the back of a clear lens and manipulated while molten behind an oxygen propane torch during the lampworking process. Techniques are borrowed those used to create paperweights. The result is a pendant with incredible color and depth. The clear glass face, when properly shaped, forms a magnifying lens for the color inside.

A wholesale order includes a wide assortment of pendant styles, with no two the same. Pendants are sold on a gift card with an 18" ribbon- a perfect gift for many occasions. All pendant loops are made large enough to fit through gold and silver chains as well.

Please contact Kangaroo Promotions to inquire about wholesale orders. Affordable, unique, sustainable, local, and handmade jewelry is sure to be a hot seller this holiday season.
About Somewhere Glassworks: Somewhere Glassworks is a full service glass art studio and artist retreat in Gainesville, Florida. Available classes include Glass Beadmaking, Advanced Glass Sculpture, Glass Fusing, and Furnace Blown Glass. Co-founders Sarah Hinds and Sky Campbell are professional artists with a focus on hand blown glass, architectural installations, mixed media projects, and community involvement.